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Algeria DMC

Algeria Dmc is a receptive and a Private Tour Operator in Algeria

We have an office in Algiers and also an office in Marseille – France.

This is to facilitate payments by transfer and also protect our customers thanks to French and European laws on travelers.

Therefore, our receptive agency Algéria Dmc has two insurances which cover our customers.

  • Hiscox, civil insurance
  • Apst, professional insurance

10 good reasons to choose Algeria Dmc :

Algeria Dmc has been a receptive agency specialized in the destination of Algeria for 12 years. Our added value lies in the fact that we know perfectly the different regions of Algeria, to be from there.
We offer authentic trips to Algeria, trying to convey emotions to customers through unique moments and offers, in regions not or very little programmed by our competitors.
Algeria Dmc is a flexible, responsive structure that allows us to offer very competitive prices in Algeria, and better margins for distribution agencies.
We are an eco-responsible agency and we make sure to pay our employees at their fair price, as well as associations, artisans and villages, who participate in our tours in Algeria.
Over the years we create a team of experienced collaborators, drivers, polyglots guides perfectly trained in all regions of Algeria. They will share with you the riches of this country.
Whatever adventure you choose, your Algeria Dmc agency assures you optimal safety standards, as well as professional guidance throughout the circuit in Algeria.
Algeria Dmc benefits from all professional and civil insurance, in order to protect you in the event of cancellation, default, unforeseen events and crisis.

Our Algerians experts will provide you recommendations for activities, authentic addresses, sites and visits adapted to your desires. If your wishes are more specific, we can offer you a tailor-made trip to best meet your expectations.
We provide you English, Spanish, French and Arabic speaking specialists: no language barrier!
Period of validity of passport required, visa, vaccines, local currency, your agency guides you through all the required formalities!

Our means :

  • Drivers
  • Multilingual guides
  • Logistics assistants
  • Very comfortable buses
  • Super comfortable minibuses
  • Recent All Terrain tourist vehicles
  • VIP vehicles

Our programs:

They are based on our perfect knowledge of renowned routes and sites.

Our long experience in tourism allows us to respond to all your requests for tours or stays in Algeria.

We can help you discover our country in depth and according to a personalized program.

We will guide you to visit the cities, from the desert to the small villages of the Great South by bus, 4X4 vehicle, on foot, on camelback.

Algerria Dmc offers :

  • Tailor-made trips
  • Study trips
  • Stays, circuits and excursions for works councils.
  • Cultural and thematic meetings
  •  Seminars, congresses or symposia
  • Event tourism
  • Vehicle rental (Sedan, 4X4, Minibus, Autobus)
  • Booking of hotel rooms
  • Reception and transfer from the airport
  • Booking and sale of airline tickets on domestic flights
  • The discovery of sites and monuments
  • The professionalism of qualified staff

Our accommodations:

In all its forms and according to the customer’s request, the potential of the region and the proposed circuit.

Customers will be accommodated either in:

  • Hotels from 3 to 5 stars in the north
  • Guest Houses in the Oases
  • Bivouac in the Sahara

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