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Algeria Dmc is a receptive and a Private Tour Operator in Algeria We have an office in Algiers and also an office in Europe in Marseille – France. This is to facilitate payments by transfer and also protect our customers thanks to French and European laws on travelers. Therefore, our receptive agency Algéria Dmc has two insurances which cover our customers…


Algeria is the largest country on the African continent. Its area and geographical position allow it to have great diversity in all tourist sectors.

Algeria has regained its serenity and calm after a decade of civil war. Currently, you can walk in peace in cities like Algiers, Constantine, Oran, and in the Aurès.

Whether you are a lover of cultural and historical heritage, of cities with winding streets or of desert immensities, Algeria is one of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean and the Maghreb, which will meet all your expectations.

This country spared by mass tourism, will allow you to enjoy authentic visits in peace, taking the time to share real moments with our guides and the population. Immersing you in the know-how, customs and traditions of Algerians.

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Festival of the Sebiba in Djanet

Festival of the Sebiba in Djanet

(Djanet- Djanet National Park- Erg Admer- Canyon of Essendilene- Dider- Idaren- Ihrir)

The Sebiba is the famous tuareg festival which takes place every year in Djanet.
Tuaregs from Tassili N’Ajjer and neighbouring countries gather together for a festival that has its roots in a very old page of  history which allowed two tuareg tribes to put an end to a war between them.

Roman cities of Algeria and Ghardaïa

(Algiers-Cherchell-Tipaza-Ghardaïa- Constantine - Tiddis - Medracen - Lambaesis - Timgad - Batna - Djemila - Sétif - Béjaïa)

Travel with Algeria Dmc and let yourself be surprised by the riches of the Roman remains by discovering exceptional archaelogical sites recognized by Unesco, which has classified them as world heritage of humanity.

The Discovery of the Algerian Sahara


Discover the mythical places of the Algerian capital and its spectacular desserts from Tamanrasset to Djanet, with its rock carvings, dunes, sandstone cliffs and impressive landscapes.

The sites

Algeria is rich in biodiversity, with its deserts, such as Tassili N’Ajjer in Djanet and the Hoggar mountain range in Tamanrasset. And by its oases with the gardens of Saoura and Ghardaïa, capital of Mzab.

The country has an important religious heritage with The Basilica of St. Augustine in the city of Annaba, the Basilica of Notre dame d’Afrique in the city of Algiers, the chapel of Santa Cruz in the city of Oran, and the hermitage of Father of Foucault at Assekrem in Hoggar.

Visa for Algeria and Practical information in Algeria

Visa for Algeria

Visa for Algeria : Visa is required
And it is to be carried out by the customer or a service provider at the Algerian consulate on which your home depends. It is issued between 14 days and 30 days maximum.


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