This Site is not a contractual document and it does not replace the appropriate document provided for in article 95 of the general conditions, which must be submitted by the seller upon registration. Due to the risks always possible in travel, especially abroad, participants are warned that what is described to them constitutes the rule but that they may notice and suffer exceptions which we ask them, in advance, from us. excuse. The descriptions of the hotels are drawn up with care. However, we cannot be held responsible for certain modifications which have occurred since the publication of this Site or for certain unfinished or temporarily interrupted facilities (for example for renovation work). Both civil and religious holidays, strikes and demonstrations in the countries visited are liable to lead to changes in the visits or excursions for which the organizer cannot be held responsible. The prices, timetables and routes mentioned in this program are not contractual and can be modified. The duration of the trip is calculated from the day of the convocation at the airport of departure, until the day of return. International hotel practices provide, in the majority of countries, that rooms must be vacated from 12 noon or can only be occupied from 2 p.m. The number of nights determines an equivalent number of meals planned according to the type of pension. The prices are calculated on a lump sum basis and based on a certain number of nights and the programs do not necessarily correspond to a determined number of whole days. Therefore, if due to the schedules imposed by the airlines, the first and the last day are shortened by a late arrival or an early departure, no refund could be made. Airline prices are calculated in economy class, unless otherwise stated.

Departure guarantee

When the mention « guaranteed departure » is used, our company intends to waive the right to make the completion of the circuit subject to a minimum number of participants, unless otherwise indicated in the trip description.


The prices indicated on this site and in our brochures are established on the basis of the following economic data: cost of transport. Fees and taxes relating to the services offered, such as landing, embarkation and disembarkation taxes in ports and airports. Currency rates entering into the composition of the cost price. These economic data are used on the date of preparation of this brochure, the date which appears in the introduction to the « special conditions ». Our company reserves the right to modify the prices in this brochure, both upwards and downwards, within the legal limits provided for in article 19 of the Law, and according to the following methods: – Change in currency rates : if the fluctuation of the exchange rate were to influence the total price of the trip by more than 3%, this impact would be fully passed on (both upwards and downwards). Obviously, this currency fluctuation is only assessed on the services that are billed to us in foreign currencies and which may represent, depending on the trips, 30 to 70% of the total price. – Variation in the cost of transport, taxes, fees: any variation in the above economic data (cost of transport, taxes, etc.) will be fully reflected in the selling prices of the trip (both upwards and downwards). decrease). During the 30 days preceding the scheduled departure date, the price fixed in the contract may not be subject to an increase. In the event of an increase in the sale price, customers already registered will be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Our prices do not include (except where mentioned) the costs of issuing passports, vaccination certificates, visas, meal costs in transit during the connection between two flights, airport taxes, porterage costs, drinks and tips, exceptional expenses resulting from fortuitous events (strikes, weather conditions, etc.), cancellation and luggage insurance. Our prices vary according to the period during which the trip is made and sometimes according to the number of participants. The prices, schedules, routes mentioned in our programs may be modified as a result of circumstances beyond our control or as a result of events due to a case of force majeure. Apart from the always possible typographical errors, they may be subject to slight modifications, generally downwards, depending on new promotions offered by NEW DEPART or its service providers. Prices are calculated for a person occupying a standard double, triple or quadruple room and on the basis of an identical number of participants for land transport

Cancellation or modification fees

Departure date or hotel, excluding non-modifiable non-refundable plane tickets: -60 € per person more than 30 days before departure, -50% of the amount of the trip: 30 to 8 days before departure, – 100% of the amount of the trip: from 7 to 1 days before departure, For trips with special flights: – 90% from 7 to 2 days before departure, – 100% 1 day before departure.

Child discounts

They are granted to children under 12 sharing a room with 2 adults and vary according to the destination and the type of travel.

Our prices do not include

Repatriation assistance insurance, optional cancellation and baggage insurance, drinks, unless mentioned, and all personal expenses, visa fees, telex and Chronopost costs in the event of last minute registration.

Assignment of contract

Within the framework of the application of article 99 and in accordance with article 18 of the law of July 13, 1992, the transfer of the contract is possible. As an indication, operations following a contract transfer may result in costs of around € 60 / € 1,000), depending on the number of people involved and the proximity of the departure.


Regarding all means of transport of which NEW DEPART is not the owner, we only act as a simple intermediary between the customer and this carrier, even if, for practical reasons, the identity of the latter is not necessarily mentioned explicitly among the information concerning the products offered.

Cancellation by the organizer

The customer will not be able to claim any compensation if the cancellation of the trip is imposed by circumstances of force majeure for reasons relating to the safety of travelers. Likewise, the customer will not be able to claim any compensation if the trip is canceled due to insufficient number of participants 21 days before departure and beyond.

Air Transport

 a) Liability of carriers:

The liability of the airlines participating in the trips presented in this brochure as well as that of their representatives, agents or employees, is limited in the event of damage, complaints or claims of any kind, to the air transport of passengers and their luggage exclusively. as specified in their general conditions, an extract of which appears on the transport tickets given to you. The consequences of accidents / incidents that may occur during the performance of air transport are governed by the provisions of the Warsaw Convention or local regulations governing national transport in the country concerned.

b) Special conditions on our flights:

Unused plane tickets, on the outward or return journey, are not refundable. The same applies in the event of theft or loss of a ticket if the customer is obliged to purchase a replacement ticket at his own expense. The carrier also reserves the right in the event of a fact beyond its control or technical constraint to transport customers by any mode of transport of its choice, with due diligence, without any compensation being claimed by the passengers concerned. At certain times, the intensity of all air traffic can cause certain delays that cannot lead to any compensation.

Important: the identity of the carrier, airline indicated, can be changed. The times of all flights, as well as the types of aircraft, are provided for information only and may be subject to change. They are never a contractual element of the transport ticket and cannot engage the responsibility of the airlines, nor our own. In most cases, our return times will be confirmed on site by our representatives. Likewise, the name of the airport, when the city contractually served has more than one, is also given for information only and may be subject to possible modifications, without these being able to give rise to compensation. A change of airport may occur in Paris (between Orly and Roissy).

We cannot be held responsible for the costs caused by this modification if it results from causes beyond our control. Failure to register: NOUVEAU DEPART cannot be held responsible for failure to register customers at the place of departure of the package air travel caused by a delay in pre-routing by air, rail or land not organized by NOUVEAU DEPART, even if this delay results from a case of force majeure, a fortuitous event or the act of a third party.

NOUVEAU DEPART cannot be held responsible for failure to register: – when the participant presents expired identification and / or health documents (identity card, passport, visa, vaccination certificate, etc.), – when the participant does not present the identification and / or health documents necessary for the realization of his trip. In the event of failure to register the customer at the place of departure of the package air travel, 100% of the amount of the trip will be retained. Formalities: prior to the conclusion of the contract, the seller informs the customer of the various administrative and / or health formalities necessary for the execution of the trip (identity card, passport, visa, vaccinations, etc.). Their fulfillment and the resulting costs are the sole responsibility of the customer. These administrative and health formalities indicated for each country apply only to persons of French nationality; they are given for information only in this catalog.

Attention: between the publication of the catalogs, the publication on the site and the date of your departure, certain modifications are likely to occur. Specific formalities are applicable for minor children: check with the administrative authorities. NOUVEAU DEPART can in no way be held responsible for fines and duties resulting from non-compliance with customs or health regulations in the countries visited.

After sale

Any complaint for non-performance or poor performance of the travel contract must be reported to NOUVEAU DEPART by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within one month of the customer’s return from the trip. Failure to comply with this deadline may affect the quality of processing of the complaint file. In addition, international hotel regulations provide, in a good number of countries, that complaints must be recorded in writing on site in the complaints books provided for this purpose. Without registration, it will be impossible for us to obtain compensation from the hoteliers.


The passenger and all persons traveling with him must have repatriation assistance insurance. This assurance is systematically.

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