Oasis and Ksours of Algeria

The Magnificent Oasis and Ksours

This article is the first of a collection of articles making you discover the Oasis and ksours of Algeria.

so get ready you will love it

Palm trees, a wadi, a city… The oasis. In any oasis, certain images are found and,

from one end of the North Sahara to the other, the same scenes and types take place. And

Yet no two oasis are alike. Not only the decor – mountains, dunes or

gorges – is specific to each site, but the color of the soil, the architecture of the houses, the

historical memories, the irrigation processes, the economic habits, the transformations due to the airplane

due to the airplane, the road, the hydrocarbons are factors contributing to define for each

oasis a personality of its own.

In our next article dedicated to the Oasis and Ksours of Algeria, we will present you the oasis of Bou-Saâda!

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