The Oasis of Bou-Saâda

Bou-Saâda A Magnificent Oasis

Today we are going to present you the first of four Oasis of Algeria. Of corse if you like this Oasis, you can ask Algeria DMC and we will provide you an excelent circuit


The Sahara had doors, one of its favorites would be for sure Bou-Saâda. Mythical

tourist resort, closest oasis of Algiers. This charming city was founded in the sixteenth century by two saints coming from the Western Sahara.
 Certainly it is an initiatory stop before the great shock of the desert. The prince of the orientalists Nasreddine- Etienne Dinet (1861-1930) was not mistaken when he settled there.

Nowadays, the “oasis of happiness” is the chief town of a daïra (sub-prefecture) and has grown, especially in the south and east.  But we can find all the elements that make its charm dantan: its its medina, its square. Also numerous craftsmen and the goldsmiths making the “bou-saâdi”, the famous traditional dagger,
We can’t forget its noisy and colorful bi-weekly market and beautifull mosques.
And, especially, along the wadi that feeds the city, the ancestral ksar and the oasis, beautiful at sunrise.

You will be surprized by a small curiosity and miracle of freshness. A series of small waterfalls, upstream from the wadi and the vestiges of colonial buildings recall the past existence of the Ferrero mil.

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Oasis of Bou Saada- Algeria DMC
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