the oasis of Biskra

Visit with Algeria DMC the Oasis of Biskra, a magnificent Oasis called the Kantara Oasis.

Situated at the foot of the Aurès mountains, the city of Biskra will astonish travelers at first sight. Instead of dunes and rocky landscapes expected, it is immense green expanses. Which impose themselves to the glance. The palm grove  has large irrigated areas and dams. And the city has, since its foundation in the eleventh century, fought to fertilize this piece of desert.

Today, with its orchards, its 100 000 palm trees which produce the queen of dates, the Deglet Nour. Biskra is a prosperous city, between modern city and preserved medina. It’s possible to visit the market and its craftsmen. Also to enjoy the freshness of the many parks. And even possible to climb to the Turkish Fort, for a magnificent view of the old city. 

One important day for the Oasis of Biskra, is the festival of the date. Which is held each autumn in the capital of the Zibans.

If you like the Oasis of Biskra in Algeria and you want to visit it, Algeria Dmc can help you plannifing your trip.

Oasis El Kantara Biskra - Algeria DMC
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