The Oasis of El Oued

El Oued, a unique Oasis

Oued, capital of Souf, is the heart of an astonishing region. Located in the middle of the Grand Erg oriental. This depression, located between the Ghir wadi and Tunisia, was conquered by the obstinacy of the the population to look for water under the sand. Sometimes up to 20 meters deep. Here is where the Oasis of El Oued arises.
There, the men created an original technique making the implantation of palm trees possible, even without irrigation. at the bottom of craters dug in the sand, whose diameter reaches several meters in diameter. Date palms are planted and thus are cultivated with their roots in the water.
El Oued is also called the city of the Thousand Dome, appellation that we will appreciate all the more if we climb on the minaret of the Salem mosque. With terraces, traditional houses covered with domes and cupolas.
This guarantees a certain freshness to the interiors. After the market and its craftsmen, the old city offers itypical houses, with tiny openings as windows.

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