Timimoun In Algeria

TImimoun Desert

Today with Algeria DMC we are going to travel to Timinoum, Algeria. That is located on western Grang Ery and the Tademaite plateau, Timinoum is a desert territory made up of several small villages. Tourists will be able to contemplate the panoramic wonders of the region, with a pleasant camel ride.
In the heart of these arid lands, many oases flourish pleasantly, around them are built charming picturesque villages. Passing
through the Ksar, its ancient ruins of a fortified city will show you the fascinating historical past of the region; and after an exhausting day the shade of the palm trees will welcome you with joy to protect you from the blazing rays of the sun.

 If you are interested in traveling to Timimoun, Algeria DMC is your best ally.
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Travel Timmimoun Algeria DMC
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