The Casbah OF AlGIERS

We are happy to start our blog presenting you the the mythic Casbah of Algiers

The Casbah or Citadel, founded on the ruins of Icosium (ancient city of the Romans), is a historic district located west of downtown Algiers.

In 1992 it was classified by UNESCO, thanks to its rich heritage.

This old medina constitutes the historical heart. One can appreciate the Ketchaoua mosque, the El Djedid mosque, the El Kébir mosque and the oldest mosque of the Casbah Sidi Ramdane. In the same way, one finds there the Centennial House, the Fountain Bir Chebana, the Mausolee Sidi Abderahmane and the Palace Mustapha Pacha (currently museum of the Arabic Calligraphy).

The casbah of Algiers, Algeria DMC
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